Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Best Exercises for Weight Loss - Cycling

 I want to cover the five reasons why i think cycling is the best board for weight loss. I've been cycling for two years now and have had success with losing some excess weight. I'd say I've been probably a bit too successful. But i didn't want to share with you guys the five reasons why i think cycling is the best for weight loss. Obviously number one reason is because cycling is a cardio sport and we all know, that cardio dominates the sport arena, when it comes to weight loss. 

When it comes to training, you have freedom on the types of exercises, you can do when you're out on the bike you can go on longer at lower intensity aerobic style rides or shorter higher intensity and aerobic style rides in the to have their own benefits. So mixing up your duration in your intensity definitely helps. A great way to help you keep track your progress by using various technology to your advantage. Using gps watches or screen like the ones garmin make, is a great way to record your ride into
view different functions, while you're riding such as heart rate speed, cadence and power. 

Is some great apps , and the one that I like to use is called Strava. You can actually analyze your performance ride by ride. Strava even releases monthly challenges to help keep their athletes motivated. So definitely great app to check out. The second reason i would say is that cycling is a low impact sport. Obviously if you have a fall it's not low impact anymore, but when you compare it to something like running and you're slamming your feet down you have a much higher chance of getting injured. Especially if you are overweight and you have a lot of weight on you the more weight you have the worst running is going to be for you, there's that saying that the bigger they are the harder they fall. I would take that into consideration if you are thinking of running off theweight. 

Cycling is good because all you do is just you sit on the saddle, and you pedal your feet around. There is not much impact when it comes to cycling. Otherway the kind of cycling that i'm talking about is road cycling when it comes to mountain biking it's a whole different story. So you better have some good padded shorts if you think have going into mountain biking. The third reason cycling is exciting you can go on adventures, you can go and explore new
rows, that you haven't been on and you can go on for journeys on your bike, and you can experience different environments, you can ride a flat road right by the beach or klima forest mountain. 

The possibilities are endless, so it's so much fun riding your bike, and it kind of takes off that focus that you're out there that you're exercising, and that you have to lose the weight know it takes all that completely away and you're just focusing on having fun. And that has definitely been one of my favorite reasons why i got into
cycling is because i didn't want to pay attention to what i was doing i just wanted to be out there, enjoy the outdoors and have fun. The fourth reason why cycling is the best for weight loss is the social aspect, you can go on group rides or join cycling clubs to meet other cyclists to help build morale and great relationships with each other, as well as friendly challenges. 

Also that app I mentioned before strava is a great way to meet other cyclists and connect with them online. So you can look up what other people are riding too and heck even try to beat their records. Also riding with other people is a great way to take your mind off of the exercise aspect of cycling and just focus on having fun and chatting with others. But the fifth reason which is actually the opposite of the fourth reason, is that you don't need a team you don't need a group you don't need a club to go out and ride and have fun. All you need is your helmet. and your bike that's it. This reason motivated me so much. 

You would think that a group oriented sport like soccer basketball would have worked better, but i found that relying on others and waiting for others to give me the approval that were about to have a game or sport. Just didn't cut it for me. I hated waiting around, and trying to get other people to go out with me. I like the fact that cycling gives me the freedom to just grab my bike and get out the door, and go on an adventure. And has given me the freedom to have fun whenever i want to have fun. So those were just five reason is why i thought cycling is the best for for weight loss, just something to think about if you are thinking of trying out a new sport definitely consider cycling. Is a great cardio sport, it's very low-impact you're less likely to get injured it's exciting it's sociable and it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want to do, it and also combo cycling with some vegan nutrition for maximum gaines.

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